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Pavni Aeshini Guharoy
Manager, Indian American Council & Sector Specialist for Healthcare

Overview: Largest membership alliance of corporations using public – private partnerships for social change

Developed the Indian American Council from an infant concept into an established program to create awareness for community issues – health and education; Created and implemented strong communications infrastructure to promote the program and establish brand recognition; Developed strategic alliances with the Council’s members, governing board and partner organizations to promote dialogue on key issues; Manage all budgetary responsibility including membership revenue, event sponsorship, fundraising, reporting and fund allocation for program growth; Spokesperson at community events for key policy issues

Designed brand new website to communicate program objectives, showcase partner programs and present advocacy material for stakeholders; Build communication plans, conduct general and health –related media outreach and manage website content to increase awareness on policy, legislation, events, trends affecting community development; Designing press releases, promotional collateral, email campaigns and web communications to support outreach efforts; Conceptualize and organize events to showcase specific via targeted community demographics; Maintain consistent stakeholder communication with media, program members and program stakeholders to track program metrics