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Rex R. Raimond
Senior Mediator, Meridian Institute in Dillon, Colorado
Rex Raimond is a Senior Mediator with Meridian Institute in Dillon, Colorado. Rex joined Meridian in 2001 and designs, manages and facilitates collaborative processes aimed at helping people and organizations make informed decisions and solve complex and controversial societal problems. He has worked on local, national, and international projects on societal and policy issues regarding: international development and trade; agriculture, food security, and biotechnology; societal aspects of emerging science and technologies (e.g., nanotechnology); innovation for development and poverty alleviation; intellectual property and access to technology; information and information systems; forestry and forest management; water and watershed management; climate and energy; community resilience and security.

Rex has been a core member of Meridian Institute’s team working on the Global Dialogue on Nanotechnology and the Poor: Opportunities and Risks (GDNP), including the Workshop on Water, Nanotechnology and Development (India) and the Workshop on Commodities, Nanotechnology and Development (Brazil). He has been actively involved in the conceptualization, development and management of Nanotechnology and Development News, Meridian’s free, daily news service covering the most important issues at the nexus of nanotechnology and development.  He has also been involved with the International Dialogue on Responsible Nanotechnology Research and Development.

Until his relocation to the United States, in 1999, Rex practiced environmental law and land-use law in the Netherlands. In 1995, Rex worked with the United Nations Development Programme’s Africa 2000 Network in Zimbabwe.  Rex holds the equivalent of a Juris Doctor from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands and a Master of Environmental Laws from the University of London, UK.