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Dr. Juan Mendez Nonell
National University of Mexico

Juan Mendez Nonell is a Chemical Engineer from the National University of Mexico (1974), he is Master in Science from the University of Sheffield, England, (1976), and he is Doctor in Science from the University of Mining and Metallurgy of Cracow, Poland, (1993).  Dr. Mendez works in Materials Engineering with particular enphazis in Biomaterials and Metals Refining.  He is particularly concern with clean energies and environmental sustentability.

Dr. Mendez has published 65 papers in International Journals and more than 80 papers in Proceedings of international Scientific Meetings.
He has participate in different Scientific Meetings in Mexico, U.S.A, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Argentina, Germany and other countries.  He has supervised 20 postgraduate thesis.

Dr. Mendez is Past President of the Mexican Materials Research Society and he is member of other professional societies.  Also, he is member ad honorem of several Committees in Mexico.   Dr. Mendez is General Director of the Center for Research on Applied Chemistry en Saltillo, Mexico.