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Zhang Keyun
China Agriculture University

ZHANG keyun, born on July 27, 1964,Associate professor of sociology, department of rural development in College of Humanities and Development, China Agriculture University. 2004, MSc. Management of Agro-ecological Knowledge and Social Change, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.  2008, Ph.D, Rural Development Management, China Agriculture University.

As a senior lecturer, teach on “Social research methods” “Statistic and Application”, “Gender and Development” to graduate and undergraduate students in department of rural development in China Agriculture University. My research fields mainly focus on rural development and social change, gender and development management and involved in many research programs relating social issues on development, such as “Actions on Left-behind Children, Women and Rural Elderly” co-financed by EED Germany and China “985” Program, and “Gender and Poverty ” funded by World Bank and so on. More than 10 publications published in national distinguished journals.