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Jurron Bradley
Lux Research

Jurron Bradley is a senior analyst at Lux Research, leading the Lux Nanomaterials Intelligence service. He speaks frequently at nanotechnology conferences and has both written and led the development of nanomaterials research including major studies and weekly Journals.

Before joining Lux Research, Jurron worked at Praxair, Inc., where he designed air separation and argon recycle plants and managed a thermodynamics lab. He also led and patented research efforts to reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired boilers and worked on the development of technology to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from coal-fired boilers. He later joined Praxair’s technology planning and strategy group where he worked with the Chief Technology Officer to develop strategic efforts for the entire research and development organization.

Jurron received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University and his doctorate in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he quantified the consolidation process of fiber-reinforced polymer composites.