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Maj Munch AndersenMaj Munch Andersen
Department of Management, Technical University of Denmark

Maj Munch Andersen is a senior scientist at the Department of Management, Technical University of Denmark. She specialises in innovation research at the firm, interfirm and innovation system level as well as policy and indicator analysis. Empirically, she focuses on analysis within eco-innovation, nanotechnology and construction.

She wrote the first Danish Ph.D. in eco-innovation in 1999, which was also one of the first Ph.D.s in this field in the world. She has previously worked for seven years as innovation researcher at the Copenhagen Business School as well as four years with innovation policy within the Danish Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. She was among other things in charge of developing the first Danish green industrial development strategy. Her strategy work together with René Kemp fed into the EU council meeting on eco-innovation in 2004, which set eco-innovation high on the political agenda in the EU. Since 1995 she has been an active participant in the DRUID innovation research network. 

Within nanotechnology she has been project leader of the Danish Green Nanotechnology Foresight in 2005, and leader of the “NanoByg” project in 2006, looking into Danish  nanotech opportunities in construction. She is currently leader of the ongoing innovation research project “Green Nanotechnology in Nordic Construction” (GNNC) focusing on  nanotech related eco-innovation strategies in the Nordic window chain. In 2005 she co-organized the conference: “Technologies of tomorrow: Environmental opportunities and challenges from Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and ICT” for the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. In 2007 she organized the workshop “NanoByg” at Risoe National Laboratory, Roskilde, highlighting Danish nano-construction opportunities. In 2008 she organized a one-day session on green nano-construction at the NanoTech Northern Conference (NTNE), Copenhagen. In 2008 she received the reward “The Yellow Brick” from the Danish foundation Boligfonden for her contribution to renewing the Danish Building sector within the area of nanotechnology.