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Professor Thembela Hillie, PhD
South African National Contact Point for nanotechnology

Professor Thembela Hillie holds a PhD in Solid State Physics (2001) and has experience in semiconductor physics and surface science at nanoscale.  He is currently working on scanning probe microscopy and low dimensional systems. His research intersts include surface alloys, quantum dots, nano-phosphors for solid state lighting, sensors and water purification. In this regard he has a number of refereed publications and a book chapter.  
He has served on the South African Nanotechnology initiative (SANi) as Vice-Chairperson from September 2005 to 2008, having been an executive member since June 2004 to date. He is presently also serving on the National Nanotechnology Advisor Board (NAB) which will oversee and guide the implementation process of the nanotechnology strategy for the ultimate realisation of its objectives.  Internationally, he has been invited to be the member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Emerging technologies 2009.  Prof Hillie is currently the DST’s South African National Contact Point for nanotechnology in the India-Brazil-South Africa trilateral cooperation agreement and in South Korea and Argentina bilateral agreements.  He has also been invited and has served on the United Nations International Development Organization’s (ICS-UNIDO) Expert Group on Nanotechnology. In addition, the Meridian Institute, USA, has since February 2005 appointed him as a member of the Steering Committee on the Global Dialogue on nanotechnology and the Poor (GDNP) as well as the Critical Connections group (CCG).