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Alejandro Pacheco
United Nations Development Programme

Alejandro Pacheco was born in San Sebastian, Spain in 1980. He graduated from Madrid Autonomous University in 2002.  He worked first as a consultant and was then hired by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade in September, 2003. He was appointed as Coordinator of Investment Fora.  Between 2003 and 2006 he worked on a rotating basis, spending four months at a time in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, China and India. In October 2006 he joined The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and was appointed to his current post as Programme Officer for Private Sector and Development in El Salvador. Alejandro holds Masters degree in Humanitarian Aid and has helped several NGOs accomplish strategic planning (Action Against Hunger) and Monitoring and Evaluation projects (AVSI, Brazil). During his service in UNDP from 2006 to the present, Mr. Pacheco has served as Programme Officer, responsible for the strategic planning and for the management of several programmes launched that he helped launch with the Salvadorian Government, notably, the Suppliers Development Programme, Growing Inclusive Markets, Consumer Defense Agency, Productive Urban Settlements (low-income housing) and One Laptop per Child.

Mr. Pacheco holds a second Masters degree in Java programming and financed his studies by developing intranets, databases, and Websites.  During University he was an active soccer player, and still tries in his free time to play and he also surfs.