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Jeff Spieler

Jeff Spieler is the Senior Technical Advisor in Science and Technology in Population and Reproductive Health at USAID.  Prior to retiring from USAID in October 2008 after almost 26 years, he held several positions at USAID including the Senior Science Advisor (2007-2008), the Chief of the Research, Technology and Utilization Division in PRH (1993-2007) and Senior Biomedical Research Advisor in Population (1983-1992).  Prior to joining USAID in 1983, he worked for 11 years for WHO in Geneva as a Scientist in the Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction. Jeff started his career as a bench scientist at Lederle Laboratories Pharmaceutical Company in Pearl River, NY.  Jeff earned a B.Sc. degree in Zoology from the University of Florida in 1967, a M.Sc. degree in Zoological Sciences and Reproductive Biology from Rutgers University in 1971, and an Honorary Doctorate in Public Service from the University of Florida in 2002.