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Yilin Wu, PhD candidate

Yilin Wu (China) joined UNU-MERIT as a visiting PhD-researcher on May 1st and will stay within the Institute until February 2010. From 2002 until 2008 Yilin studied Statistics at the School of Statistics at Renmin University in Beijing and obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics. Since 2006 she has been a PhD candidate in Economics at Renmin University and in this cadre she spends one year abroad. At UNU-MERIT she will be supervised by Prof. Pierre Mohnen and Dr. Can Huang. Yilin will contribute to the NANO-research projects and data collection and other statistical elements of the World Knowledge Report. Furthermore, in September Yilin will follow a couple of courses and has the ambition to write articles for scientific magazines. Her main research interest involves international competitiveness of and between countries, industries, regions and sectors.